My Experience Meeting Escorts In Singapore

This is my personal experience meeting escorts in Singapore as an expat living in Singapore for the last 3 years thus far. Personally, I only go with local Singapore escort agency girls because, while I am sure there are other men or clients out there who may prefer a bimbos as their escort girls, personally I like smart women, and most of the escort girls with agencies in Singapore are usually eloquent, and I certainly like that. I have to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of bimbos!

Anyway, I did not realize that when I first booked escorts a few years ago in SG. In fact, like most people, I also got tempted by the cheap ones on places like Locanto, which turned out to all be fake photographs, and the women look absolutely nothing like the photos – in a bad way. In fact, after booking three times last time because I just wanted to make sure it is not about bad luck, I gave up on independents advertisements on places like Locanto. Back then, there was also Backpage and Craigslist though Backpage is now gone and Craigslist wiped out their personals section. It was a horrible experience – the women looked nothing like their photos, and I rejected them. In fact, it was so bad that I would not be surprised if a man showed up in place of the woman!

It was after that first three bookings I ever made in Singapore a few years ago for social escorts that I decided to look into other options – which made me look into places like agencies. This was roughly back in 2017, and the agencies which existed back then may not be the same as now. It seemed like most of them have ceased operations or consolidated, and there really are only one or two legitimate Singapore escort agencies as of right now.

Now, when it comes to these agency social escorts, I have come to the realization that in Singapore, they do not publicly reveal full face images. Those that do, turns out that they are using fake images. This is something that you definitely want to note when figuring out whether the pictures of the girls are legitimate or not.

While last minute bookings are possible, those usually require 1 to 2 hours in advance still, considering you are willing to go with any of the girls on their site. Most of these Singaporean escorts actually are still studying in colleges or have a day job, usually unable to respond to overly last minute bookings.

From experience, some agencies require a deposit for verification or advance booking, though this varies. Make sure to check beforehand.

Now, while I personally book girls from escort agencies, there is a downside to this. There are Singaporean Chinese and Indians from them, and sometimes Caucasians, but Caucasians and Malays are exceedingly rare. For those customers who want Malays or white girls, you are in tough luck here.


SGKFCC Website Singapore – Can Clients Use Such Sites?

While the website domain URL of SGKFCC may not necessarily be up and running as we speak now, as it has since been shut by the Singapore police force and censored by IMDA, it used to be pretty well known. In fact, while its name was never publicly published, it was widely believed that the big capture of this vice site happened a few years ago in one of the largest local police force operation against illegal prostitution services and activities here in Singapore.

While there are legal alternatives in Singapore when it comes to SG escort, SGKFCC was not one of them.

SGKFCC, which some believe is related to another popular group called 新加坡狼群, was in short a vice site with masterminds back in China, and with Chinese prostitutes working throughout Singapore. These prostitutes are mainland Chinese and not Singaporean.

There are so many of these girls, and they are believed to be one of the largest ever, which went down. Many copycats of websites like have surfaced over the months and years since its demise. Many of them looking exactly the same.

This brings to us many questions.

If you are a client, can you use these sites in Singapore?

Are these sites actually belonging to the same masterminds, and hence they look so similar?

Are they from a new provider, which means that since no one can hire and create a brand new site like it so fast, that the girls images on it are all faked?

Slow down there fella, let us go through those questions and answers one by one.

If you are a client, can you use services like that of SGKFCC?

While in theory you cannot, in practice, the local police force are generally speaking stricter on the girls providing these prostitution services illegally, and generally leave the customers alone. However, there has been cases where underaged girls are present. If those are in the equation, then you, as a client, are royally screwed beyond any recognition. Additionally, the local media will likely blow up the entire news matter on you.

If you have read forums, then yes you know that prostitution is legal in Singapore. But not found online, as there are many laws against soliciting publicly and over any kind of public mediums including but not limited to the Internet. Heading to the red light districts for legal brothels if you are searching for that is a much better and safe idea.

Are these websites actually belonging to the same crime syndicate?

Well, no one knows the answer to this for sure, perhaps only the law enforcement may know, but even if they know, the public like us are not privy to that knowledge. So, the answer is we do not know, but possibly yes.

Are the images of the call girls on these domains fake?

Well, considering the sheer popularity and amount of traffic going to the original SGKFCC, chances are, it was mostly real, though edited with mobile applications like MeiTu XiuXiu.

However, when it comes to the replicas, many of which popped up, and some even pretending to be so called licenced ones, when they are not – because licensed brothels are just along red light districts in SG, and are not allowed to advertise online, they are likely using copied photographs.

Keep in mind that these are really just flat out mainland Chinese prostitutes selling their prostitution services in Singapore, masquerading as escort service, when they clearly are not an escort site and do not provide escort girls at all.


How To Know If An Escort Service Provider Is Legit?

Booking or meeting female Singapore escorts can feel awkward to first time customers and gentlemen to Singapore, and it can also feel confusing to international travellers who have not been to Singapore in at least several months or perhaps a year, and are not sure which are the updated escort websites in Singapore.

Here is how you can figure out whether an escort service provider in Singapore is legitimate or not.

Due to the widespread travel disruptions in 2020, foreign girls from neighbouring countries who usually work as freelance call girls are facing serious troubles entering Singapore now. Some of these girls used to solicit for business at places such as Brix, or some turn online to escort directories to search for customers. However, most of these girls are no longer in Singapore, due to strict newer regulations, and hence the main bulk of the social escorts working in Singapore now are just Singaporean ladies and some foreign women who are already in the country under perhaps S pass or E pass.

If you are on escort directory sites, and the number listed is foreign, for example does not start with +65, or the lady advertised is foreign, chances are the ad is already defunct, and she is not available in SG anymore. Do not get your hopes up too high if you are into one of the advertised ladies who fall into the above mentioned description. If the number does not start with +65 and with 8 numbers behind, chances are she or the agency is no longer around. Make sure to check before booking.

Secondly, if you are searching for local social escorts, for example Singaporean call girls, then you are in better luck. While they have always charged more due to the rarity of genuine Singaporean girls and the ‘hard to get’ vibes from them, many of them are still providing service as per normal now at the point of this writing of this article.

The following are also some general tips for customers who are searching to book Singapore escort girls.

While this can change over the years, it is still true at this point.

If you are looking for foreign Vietnamese, Japanese or some escort like that of foreign non hometown escorts, then you are better off searching within independent escort websites and directories. Those that are in agencies tend not to be accurate. On a related note, when it comes to mainland China girls, you have choices like TTVIP7, but you are advised against using it due to legal issues.

If you are looking for a Singaporean escort girl, then you are highly advised to look at escort agencies for the highest chance that the girl is indeed a Singaporean. Virtually all of the so called ‘locals’ on independent sites are not real listings.

As you can tell from the above general rule of thumb, finding a legitimate provider in Singapore with real photos, censored or not, is easy if you know how to look for them.


TTVIP7 Singapore – Prostitution Or Escorts Website?

If you ever tried to look for hot girls in Singapore, there is a chance that you might have bumped into sites offering the service of companionship by women on the Internet.

One such example would be that of TTVIP7 Singapore. This is Will Hamilton, and I have lived in Singapore for quite a number of years now. Here is a quick and to the point disclaimer for those of you who are always TLDR and want to know the lowdown about TTVIP website or one that is similar to it. In fact, there is also another article here on TSRJOX which was another such a similar site in Singapore. For someone who cares about embarrassment or your reputation, you might want to look elsewhere. This is because such providers are not actually SG escorts, but are prostitutes, and is outlawed in SG. There are definitely still many sites locally where you can book girls, just not on TTVIP!

Here are further tips why that is so for those of you who prefer to read a further elaboration on this topic.

In this country, you are free to book a SG escort girl and her service through independents or escort agency or agencies sites. These are defined as ladies who are paid to pretend to be your GF, and provide what is known as the girlfriend experience fantasy, which most of you may have heard before.

However, taking a glance at websites such as TTVIP7, you will quickly see many Chinese women listed on these TTVIP7 or TTVIP sites selling their sexual services, all of which would have constituted solicitation of prostitution over an open medium which is called the World Wide Web. And that gentlemen, is without question something that the local police in SG clamps down on, and thereafter the IMDA will take action against these websites as well.

In conclusion, you as a client looking for an escort girl in Singapore or Singapore escort agency is perfectly legal, but probably not so much if you are looking for prostitute sites! Even though this 1 difference may appear minor to some people, it is extremely differently in our city for clients. This is in fact not something new and only came about in 2019 or 2020. In fact, this has been the case for Singapore for quite a while now, so anyone spouting advice to the contrary or solicits sexual services from you from their website like TTVIP7 or messaging is committing something that the local police force can and will catch you and the lady for! Even via email address, because it is via some kind of public transmission, it is still outlawed.

Yes guys, in other words, want prostitutes? Then head on over to legal red light district Singapore – things like this exist. There is a right place and area for this even in Singapore.

But if you want a hot and sexy female companion with you, then search for quality escorts instead.

Despite the above, it does not constitute lawyer advice, and a customer is to seek such elsewhere yourself. But foreigners in particular, look out for such TTVIP7 and similarly styled services or sites and try to avoid them.