If you ever tried to look for hot girls in Singapore, there is a chance that you might have bumped into sites offering the service of companionship by women on the Internet.

One such example would be that of TTVIP7 Singapore. This is Will Hamilton, and I have lived in Singapore for quite a number of years now. Here is a quick and to the point disclaimer for those of you who are always TLDR and want to know the lowdown about TTVIP website or one that is similar to it. In fact, there is also another article here on TSRJOX which was another such a similar site in Singapore. For someone who cares about embarrassment or your reputation, you might want to look elsewhere. This is because such providers are not actually SG escorts, but are prostitutes, and is outlawed in SG. There are definitely still many sites locally where you can book girls, just not on TTVIP!

Here are further tips why that is so for those of you who prefer to read a further elaboration on this topic.

In this country, you are free to book a SG escort girl and her service through independents or escort agency or agencies sites. These are defined as ladies who are paid to pretend to be your GF, and provide what is known as the girlfriend experience fantasy, which most of you may have heard before.

However, taking a glance at websites such as TTVIP7, you will quickly see many Chinese women listed on these TTVIP7 or TTVIP sites selling their sexual services, all of which would have constituted solicitation of prostitution over an open medium which is called the World Wide Web. And that gentlemen, is without question something that the local police in SG clamps down on, and thereafter the IMDA will take action against these websites as well.

In conclusion, you as a client looking for an escort girl in Singapore or Singapore escort agency is perfectly legal, but probably not so much if you are looking for prostitute sites! Even though this 1 difference may appear minor to some people, it is extremely differently in our city for clients. This is in fact not something new and only came about in 2019 or 2020. In fact, this has been the case for Singapore for quite a while now, so anyone spouting advice to the contrary or solicits sexual services from you from their website like TTVIP7 or messaging is committing something that the local police force can and will catch you and the lady for! Even via email address, because it is via some kind of public transmission, it is still outlawed.

Yes guys, in other words, want prostitutes? Then head on over to legal red light district Singapore – things like this exist. There is a right place and area for this even in Singapore.

But if you want a hot and sexy female companion with you, then search for quality escorts instead.

Despite the above, it does not constitute lawyer advice, and a customer is to seek such elsewhere yourself. But foreigners in particular, look out for such TTVIP7 and similarly styled services or sites and try to avoid them.

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