Booking or meeting female Singapore escorts can feel awkward to first time customers and gentlemen to Singapore, and it can also feel confusing to international travellers who have not been to Singapore in at least several months or perhaps a year, and are not sure which are the updated escort websites in Singapore.

Here is how you can figure out whether an escort service provider in Singapore is legitimate or not.

Due to the widespread travel disruptions in 2020, foreign girls from neighbouring countries who usually work as freelance call girls are facing serious troubles entering Singapore now. Some of these girls used to solicit for business at places such as Brix, or some turn online to escort directories to search for customers. However, most of these girls are no longer in Singapore, due to strict newer regulations, and hence the main bulk of the social escorts working in Singapore now are just Singaporean ladies and some foreign women who are already in the country under perhaps S pass or E pass.

If you are on escort directory sites, and the number listed is foreign, for example does not start with +65, or the lady advertised is foreign, chances are the ad is already defunct, and she is not available in SG anymore. Do not get your hopes up too high if you are into one of the advertised ladies who fall into the above mentioned description. If the number does not start with +65 and with 8 numbers behind, chances are she or the agency is no longer around. Make sure to check before booking.

Secondly, if you are searching for local social escorts, for example Singaporean call girls, then you are in better luck. While they have always charged more due to the rarity of genuine Singaporean girls and the ‘hard to get’ vibes from them, many of them are still providing service as per normal now at the point of this writing of this article.

The following are also some general tips for customers who are searching to book Singapore escort girls.

While this can change over the years, it is still true at this point.

If you are looking for foreign Vietnamese, Japanese or some escort like that of foreign non hometown escorts, then you are better off searching within independent escort websites and directories. Those that are in agencies tend not to be accurate. On a related note, when it comes to mainland China girls, you have choices like TTVIP7, but you are advised against using it due to legal issues.

If you are looking for a Singaporean escort girl, then you are highly advised to look at escort agencies for the highest chance that the girl is indeed a Singaporean. Virtually all of the so called ‘locals’ on independent sites are not real listings.

As you can tell from the above general rule of thumb, finding a legitimate provider in Singapore with real photos, censored or not, is easy if you know how to look for them.

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