This is my personal experience meeting escorts in Singapore as an expat living in Singapore for the last 3 years thus far. Personally, I only go with local Singapore escort agency girls because, while I am sure there are other men or clients out there who may prefer a bimbos as their escort girls, personally I like smart women, and most of the escort girls with agencies in Singapore are usually eloquent, and I certainly like that. I have to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of bimbos!

Anyway, I did not realize that when I first booked escorts a few years ago in SG. In fact, like most people, I also got tempted by the cheap ones on places like Locanto, which turned out to all be fake photographs, and the women look absolutely nothing like the photos – in a bad way. In fact, after booking three times last time because I just wanted to make sure it is not about bad luck, I gave up on independents advertisements on places like Locanto. Back then, there was also Backpage and Craigslist though Backpage is now gone and Craigslist wiped out their personals section. It was a horrible experience – the women looked nothing like their photos, and I rejected them. In fact, it was so bad that I would not be surprised if a man showed up in place of the woman!

It was after that first three bookings I ever made in Singapore a few years ago for social escorts that I decided to look into other options – which made me look into places like agencies. This was roughly back in 2017, and the agencies which existed back then may not be the same as now. It seemed like most of them have ceased operations or consolidated, and there really are only one or two legitimate Singapore escort agencies as of right now.

Now, when it comes to these agency social escorts, I have come to the realization that in Singapore, they do not publicly reveal full face images. Those that do, turns out that they are using fake images. This is something that you definitely want to note when figuring out whether the pictures of the girls are legitimate or not.

While last minute bookings are possible, those usually require 1 to 2 hours in advance still, considering you are willing to go with any of the girls on their site. Most of these Singaporean escorts actually are still studying in colleges or have a day job, usually unable to respond to overly last minute bookings.

From experience, some agencies require a deposit for verification or advance booking, though this varies. Make sure to check beforehand.

Now, while I personally book girls from escort agencies, there is a downside to this. There are Singaporean Chinese and Indians from them, and sometimes Caucasians, but Caucasians and Malays are exceedingly rare. For those customers who want Malays or white girls, you are in tough luck here.

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