While the website domain URL SGKFCC.net of SGKFCC may not necessarily be up and running as we speak now, as it has since been shut by the Singapore police force and censored by IMDA, it used to be pretty well known. In fact, while its name was never publicly published, it was widely believed that the big capture of this vice site happened a few years ago in one of the largest local police force operation against illegal prostitution services and activities here in Singapore.

While there are legal alternatives in Singapore when it comes to SG escort, SGKFCC was not one of them.

SGKFCC, which some believe is related to another popular group called 新加坡狼群, was in short a vice site with masterminds back in China, and with Chinese prostitutes working throughout Singapore. These prostitutes are mainland Chinese and not Singaporean.

There are so many of these girls, and they are believed to be one of the largest ever, which went down. Many copycats of websites like SGKFCC.net have surfaced over the months and years since its demise. Many of them looking exactly the same.

This brings to us many questions.

If you are a client, can you use these sites in Singapore?

Are these sites actually belonging to the same masterminds, and hence they look so similar?

Are they from a new provider, which means that since no one can hire and create a brand new site like it so fast, that the girls images on it are all faked?

Slow down there fella, let us go through those questions and answers one by one.

If you are a client, can you use services like that of SGKFCC?

While in theory you cannot, in practice, the local police force are generally speaking stricter on the girls providing these prostitution services illegally, and generally leave the customers alone. However, there has been cases where underaged girls are present. If those are in the equation, then you, as a client, are royally screwed beyond any recognition. Additionally, the local media will likely blow up the entire news matter on you.

If you have read forums, then yes you know that prostitution is legal in Singapore. But not found online, as there are many laws against soliciting publicly and over any kind of public mediums including but not limited to the Internet. Heading to the red light districts for legal brothels if you are searching for that is a much better and safe idea.

Are these websites actually belonging to the same crime syndicate?

Well, no one knows the answer to this for sure, perhaps only the law enforcement may know, but even if they know, the public like us are not privy to that knowledge. So, the answer is we do not know, but possibly yes.

Are the images of the call girls on these domains fake?

Well, considering the sheer popularity and amount of traffic going to the original SGKFCC, chances are, it was mostly real, though edited with mobile applications like MeiTu XiuXiu.

However, when it comes to the replicas, many of which popped up, and some even pretending to be so called licenced ones, when they are not – because licensed brothels are just along red light districts in SG, and are not allowed to advertise online, they are likely using copied photographs.

Keep in mind that these are really just flat out mainland Chinese prostitutes selling their prostitution services in Singapore, masquerading as escort service, when they clearly are not an escort site and do not provide escort girls at all.

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